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Customized relocation services

Relocation professionals offer services to people who are moving to a new city or country. Sometimes relocation services are also referred to as international mobility or destination services.
Thanks to our local expertise and our à la carte services, you can save time, avoid mistakes, and make the right decisions as you plan your new life here in Montreal.
We will help you every step of the way: moving, housing, schools and day cares, opening a bank account, driver’s licence, health insurance, and more. And above all, we help you to determine your priorities: what to do, when and how!
We are here to help you settle and integrate into Quebec, whatever your needs, budget, immigration status, and family situation.
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Facilitate your transition to Montreal

Relocation C&G

The greatest strength of Relocation C&G is the expertise of its two founders, who have a combined 10 years of professional experience in international mobility. Their exceptional people skills and their formidable network of topnotch partners make Relocation C&G the right choice to support you as you resettle in Canada.


Our vision, our values.

GENEROSITY in the information we make available to our clients and in the equitable management of our profits.

FLEXIBILITY in our services, our prices, and our availability, so that our clients feel supported, no matter what happens.

RESPECT in all of our business relationships: partners, clients – even in our relationships with the competition!

“We believe that professional relocation services should be accessible to everyone, because when an immigrant successfully settles in to their new home, everyone wins: the immigrants themselves, their families, their employers, and Quebec society at large.”

Realize your full potential

We help businesses in Montreal to recruit, integrate, and retain talent from elsewhere. We also help immigrants and their families realize their dreams of moving to Quebec.

In facilitating the immigration process and the professional integration of new arrivals, we promote international mobility and so permit all our of clients—businesses, workers, investors and immigrants—to grow.

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Benefit from our expertise to manage the logistics of your move to Quebec. Advice on how to choose a moving company, customs information, finance and relocation budget: be prepared for every eventuality!



Rent or buy? Which neighbourhood? How do you find an apartment in Montreal? Our real estate agents respond to all of your housing questions, from the housing search to insurance and utility set-up (electricity, internet, etc.).



Visas and immigration, health insurance and social insurance, driver’s licence: good preparation is the key to successfully managing the administrative formalities without stress, wasted time, and above all without forgetting anything!



Moving to Quebec with children is a marvellous project! We share our personal experience to help you understand the local education system: school registration, choosing a day care, and balancing work and family.

Qualité de vie

Quality of life

An effective health care system, low crime rates, well-developed public transportation, year-round activities, a very reasonable cost of living: discover why Quebec is such a great place to live – even in the winter!



mmigrant, student, employee: regardless of your situation, you will need to adapt to the cultural differences! With our help you can achieve a successful integration in Quebec.

“The University of Montreal is a good example of the fabric of trust that we weave with our clients. Our expertise enables us to offer package deals perfectly adapted to the needs of new professors and their families, while taking into account the means of the University. Attracting and retaining the best minds in the world is one of the major challenges in academia, and the competition is fierce. We are proud to give U of M a head start.”

– University of Montreal
Logo Université de Montréal

Find your neighbourhood in Montreal


Without a doubt, the Downtown neighbourhood is home to the fullest expression of the diversity of Montreal: from the architecture to the cultural offerings by way of the demographics, the Ville-Marie borough is a vibrant destination and a good choice for new arrivals who wish to dive head first into their new lives! It’s the […]

Little Italy, Rosemont, & Villeray

The Jean Talon Market is an inescapable institution in the culinary life of Montreal, and Little Italy still attracts epicureans, tourists and locals, two generations after the wave of Italian immigration that followed the second world war. Officially, Little Italy is part of the Rosement-la-Petite-Patrie borough, but part of the core of this colourful and […]


The location of Outremont, on the other side of Mount Royal from downtown, provides the name for this upscale district, the francophone counterpart of Westmount. The location also creates a calm and tranquil neighbourhood, with a lot of greenery, large trees, climbing ivy, parks, and private yards. Reflecting the social composition of the area, the […]

The Plateau and Mile-End

This is the preferred neighbourhood of the French who immigrate to Montreal, and it’s easy to understand why. A bohemian ambiance, specialty food shops, independent boutiques, small cafes and restaurants, the Plateau and Mile-End cultivate the art of European living. The inhabitants do everything on foot, taste cuisine from the four corners of the world, […]

Côtes-des-Neiges & NDG

Student bars in Côtes-des-Neiges versus family brunch in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, the borough has two distinct faces. Nevertheless, the two neighbourhoods have much in common. Perfect examples of Canadian multiculturalism, they both offer major social and intellectual diversity. Spacious housing, green spaces, and good schools attract families looking for the best compromise location and budget. “NDG” is […]


The traditional cradle of the anglophone community in Quebec, Westmount has what it takes to seduce expats: proximity to downtown, charming residences on the heights of Mount Royal, luxury boutiques, and prestigious schools. However, it requires a certain level of affluence as Westmount is on the list of the most expensive neighbourhoods in Canada. Situated, […]

Business services

Our corporate services are for businesses in Montreal that are recruiting talent from elsewhere. Human resource consultants, potential employees, immigration lawyers, temporary workers: we work together to make your relocations a success.

Discover how we can help:

  • Recruitment support
  • Professional integration
  • Talent retention
  • Return on investment

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Immigrant services

Whether you are a temporary worker or permanent resident, a single person, a couple or a family, maximize your chances at success in Quebec with our relocation services. You take your immigration to heart, and we are here to help you achieve your goals.

Discover how we can help:

  • Personalized advice
  • Tailored support
  • Networking and partners
  • Saving time and money

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Comparison of drinking and driving laws in Quebec and France

In every country, getting your driver’s licence doesn’t just require a solid understanding of the traffic laws. At the risk of being severely penalized, it is essential to be aware of the many dangers of the road, especially those related to drinking and driving. Are you moving to Montreal, Quebec? Even though you’ll still drive […]